Basics of trading on Exscudo Exchange

Exscudo Exchange is a dynamic trading platform designed for both experienced traders and beginners alike.

The price of EON and other assets traded on the Exchange is defined by the demand-offer ratio and there are no external regulating factors to it other than the activity of the participants.

This article covers the basic aspects of trading on Exscudo Exchange to make the start as smooth as possible.


There are two identical environments for two use scenarios:

  • TST (, a special environment to test the functional capabilities of Exscudo Exchange. With no real assets traded, it is specifically useful for beginners.
  • PRD (, the production environment with real assets traded, where every action has a consequence and is not reversible.

The Exchange interface

Once you visit into the test exchange or the production exchange web site you will see the basic interface of the environment

On the top side of the main screen you will see the 4 tabs which are:

  • Exchange - that leads to the marketplace interface in which you can buy and sell the assets. This is the general tab displayed each time you log into the Exchange.

Here you see the current price ratio of the assets traded, as well as the timelapse of the prices as they change based on the deals made by participants.

  • Wallets - switch the view to your wallets holding your current assets. You can also deposit or withdraw the assets from the tab.

  • Fee policies - switching the view to the screen displaying the fees applied to transactions.

  • Support - It will redirect you to Exscudo customer support center. You will be able to submit a support request or read knowledgebase articles.

Trading assets

To start trading assets on Exscudo Exchange, one has to deposit them first.

Once you have deposited assets to the Exchange, you can start trading:

1. Switch to Exchange tab;

2. Choose a pair (for example BTC/EON);

3. To buy BTC, move to Order section;

4. Set the Price at which you want to exchange EONs to BTCs;
5. Set the Amount of BTC you are going to buy;
6. At the Total field you will see the total amount of EONs for exchange. Make sure this amount does not exceed your available balance in EON;
7. Click the 'Place order' button;
8. Wait for the order to be executed.

The process of selling assets works in a similar way. The Sell section is located right next to the Buy one.

This covers the basics. Please feel free to consult Exscudo Knowledgebase or Exscudo support team for additional details regarding the Exscudo exchange.