Getting started with Channels app

Channels app is a secure multi-functional wallet with an integrated chat, that allows users to deposit, store and send their assets, both crypto, and fiat. The app is an element of Exscudo ecosystem powered by EON blockchain technology.

This cross-topic article is dedicated to the process of getting started, gradually reviewing the procedures of:

  1. Installation and initial setup;
  2. Configuring associated wallets;
  3. Taking necessary security measures to secure a Channels account, and hard- and software infrastructure used to access it;
  4. Backing up data and tools to recover access to a Channels account and its associated wallets;
  5. Maintaining security when using Channels app.

This article does not provide detailed explanations on any of the covered topics, rather providing a quick review of the big picture with references to dedicated Knowledge Base articles.

1. Installation and initial setup

Channels app is available for the following operating systems in their respective stores:

The stepwise installation how-to will guide you through, so you can proceed to the next stage.

To use the latest implemented enhancements, and to avoid issues that have already been fixed, make sure you are always on the latest version of Channels app.

2. Configuring associated wallets

In the process of installation, Channels app registers various wallets for all supported currencies/assets. But these (with the exception of the EON wallet that serves the master wallet for other supported assets/currencies in the framework of utilizing the colored coins technology) need to be activated in order to be used for receiving and sending payments.

See the Enabling a new wallet, viewing wallet details and exploring the interface section of this article for a detailed how-to. Once done, you are good to go. Still there are a couple of other steps to progress through.

3. Securing a Channels account, and hard- and software infrastructure used to access it

Securing your assets and operations is the first thing you need after installing and configuring a Channels account, and the app.

Make sure you apply the following security layers to the app and the account:

  • A code or an ID to access your device and account. Depending on functional capabilities of the device in use, this can be a PIN code, a Touch ID, or a Face ID;
  • There is a protection software such as anti-virus/anti-malware installed and running on the device;
  • The protection software has been granted ll necessary privileges, including notification privileges to make sure no warning it produces comes unnoticed.

You can find more tips on securing your account and device in this article.

Now that you have applied essential security measures aimed at not letting your assets be stolen, it is time to prevent access to them from being lost, proceeding to the next step.

4. Backing up your wallet

Under some circumstances, access to a Channels wallet may be lost, with the consequent need to restore it. Which, in its turn, requires a restore point, created, kept and used.

During the initial setup, a Secret key is created. The key is essentially the most important instrument in accessing one's wallet, an so it has to bebacked up at all times, so that in case of an emergency, users can swiftly and safely restore access to their assets. Backing up can be performed via a QR-code or by saving the Secret key.

In a situation when users need to restore access to their wallets due to, say, loading the app from an entirely new device, they would need to use their previously created backup to do so.

Should a situation in which the secret key is not backed up and other means of restoration of access are unavailable to the user, there is a great risk of the wallet, as well as any stored assets, being lost permanently without any means of recovery.

5. Maintaining security when using Channels app

Once the initial steps to secure the wallet and apply backups are taken, it is extremely important to ensure that the highest possible level of security is maintained when Channels app is used.

Your device is the first line of defense for your account, so ensuring that it is being used in a safe and secure environment is critical. As such it is important to keep in mind the following core rules:

  • Applying additional security levels such as a password or other means of verification is vital;
  • It is important to ensure that no one else has access to your device, ideally - not even members of your household;
  • A device that has Channels app installed should not be left unattended and in unlocked mode;
  • it is not advised to access channels from unsecured public networks;
  • Avoid a situation in which someone may be able to see the codes or passwords you are entering to access the device and the Channels wallet;
  • Keep your browser, applications and operating system/mobile firmware updated;
  • Keep your protection software up to date;
  • Pay close attention to the protection software warnings and notifications regarding various websites.

Following this set of general rules will provide you with a stable basis for safe and secure operations via the Channels app. Nonetheless, in terms of security it is always recommended to go an extra mile. Check this article for more recommendations.