Getting started with Exscudo Exchange

Exscudo Exchange is a trading platform designed for both experienced traders and beginners alike. The Exchange is an element of the Exscudo Ecosystem powered by EON blockchain technology.

This cross-topic article is dedicated to the process of getting started, gradually reviewing the procedures of:

  1. Signing up to Test Exchange for a risk-free review of the functional capabilities;
  2. Signing up to Exscudo Exchange for real operations with real assets;
  3. Securing the account and the hard and software infrastructure used to access it;
  4. Backing up tools and data required to restore access to an Exscudo Exchange if lost;
  5. Maintaining security while accessing and using the Exchange account.

This article does not provide detailed explanations on any of the covered topics, rather providing a quick review of the big picture with references to dedicated Knowledge Base articles.

1. Signing up to Test Exchange

TST Environment is the environment where Exscudo users can test the functional capabilities of Exscudo Exchange. With no real tokens in balance sheets, one can test ExscudoExchange with no risk.

To learn about signing up to TST Environment, check the dedicated sections of Signing up to Exscudo Exchange.

2. Signing up to Exscudo Exchange

Exscudo Exchange is the production environment where Exscudousers can actually trade real assets. In this environment, every action taken has consequence and is not reversible.

To learn about signing up to ExscudoExchange, check the dedicated sections of Signing up to Exscudo Exchange.

If you have taken part in the ICO campaign and have an ICO cabinet account, you will still need to register an Exchange account with the same e-mail as the one used during the ICO to access your EON tokens. More information on accessing and withdrawing the tokens can be found in this knowledge base article.

3. Securing the account and the hard- and software infrastructure used to access it

After an Exchange account is created, the next essential step is to protect it. An Exchange account provides a direct connection to one's assets, so it is essential to take its safety and security as seriously as possible.

It is strongly recommended to apply the following means of security to the account as soon as it has been created:

  • Create a strong and unique password for your account;
  • Complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure of the maximum Tier available;
  • Ensure that your e-mail account associated with Exscudo account is fully secured and all the extra security measures that are available are applied to it;
  • Add two-factor authentication (2FA) to your account and withdraw operations to bolster their security;
  • Install an anti-virus/anti-malware software on all of the devices you intend to access your Exchange account from.

Additional information on securing your account can be found in this article.

Please note, that KYC procedure is an essential step in securing the account as well as receiving assistance in restoring access to it by contacting Exscudo team. Certain functions of Exscudo Exchange are only available to the accounts, KYC procedure was completed for.

Once the security measures are applied against attacks, the next logical step is to apply measures aimed at preventing loss of data/access.

4. Backing up tools and data required to restore access to an Exscudo Exchange account if lost

Some circumstances may lead to the situation in which users may lose access to certain layers of security applied to their Exscudo Exchange accounts, which may, in turn, lead to loss of access to the accounts.

And if in case of losing a password it is quite a trivial matter to recover it, recovering 2FA is a bit more complex.

As it was already mentioned, it is highly recommended to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) to bolster your account security, since this is an additional layer of security applied to access to an account.

Once 2FA has been enabled, a user account is accessed with something a user knows (a login and a password), and something a user has (a code). It is extremely important to make a backup of your 2FA key and QR code and keep it safe and within reach.

Restoring your Google Authenticator account in case you lost access to it (e.g. loss of the device, or reinstalled Google Authenticator app) is much easier and quicker than detaching 2FA from your Exscudo account.

Just in case you need to remove the 2FA from your account for some reason, you can do so yourself any time by following this guide.

Please note, in case you lost access to your Google Authenticator account and had not made a backup of the QR code in advance, you will not be able to log in to your Exscudo account. You will have contact Exscudo team to detach 2FA to be able to log in again. But it will take time to process all the necessary procedures related.

5. Maintaining security while accessing and using Exscudo Exchange account

Once the Exchange account is registered, secured and backed up, it is imperative to maintain the highest standard and level of security while accessing it to keep all the means of access, both software and hardware, up to the proper security standard.

Keep in mind both human and technological factors while maintaining security of your accounts and associated infrastructure.

Below you can find a general set of rules, that would help you access and operate your Exscudo Exchange account in a safe and secure way:

  • Manage access to any devices on which the Exchange is accessed, ensure that the screen is locked when the device is not in use;
  • Always log out from your e-mail or other accounts if you have accessed it on a device that does not belong to you, and never save passwords in them;
  • Make sure you do not accidentally reveal any login credentials to anyone via screen sharing or by entering them in the plain sight;
  • Set up a strong password for your Wi-Fi network and enable the necessary firewall rules for both incoming and outgoing traffic;
  • Never use a single password for multiple accounts;
  • Never reveal your password to anyone, even the people you know. An Exscudo employee will never ask you for your password;
  • Install the software only from trusted sources and always scan the downloaded files for malware and viruses;
  • Avoid using untrusted VPN and proxy services when you intend to access your security data;
  • Make sure to keep your Web-browser app, OS/mobile firmware, and protection software up to date at all times;

It is always better to take security measures beforehand, than try to recover access to your data/account later or mitigate the damage caused. You can find information about the factors and security threats in this article, as well as the proactive and reactive countermeasures that can be applied.