Backing up a secret key

On many cases, FinTap app is the only connection a user has to his/her tokens. Backing up a secret key that allows recovering access to a wallet in case the access has been lost, is therefore highly recommended. You can create the backup progressing through the steps below.

Step-by-step guide

1. Launch FinTap app, then go to Wallets. You will see a suggestion to create a PIN code. Press 'Create a backup' button.

2. Create a PIN code and confirm it.

3. You will see 'Save your secret key' window. There are two ways of saving your secret key:

1) via QR-code. Press 'Send ' button to send this QR-code to your real email address or Print button to print the QR-code;

2) by writing down a full list of combinations of digits and letters to a safe place (i.e. to a personal notepad).

4. After that, if you click on 'Let's check your backup' and either scan saved QR-code from step 3.1 or type in a full list of combinations of digits and letters from step 3.2, you will get a notification about a successful saving of your private key.


Your access to the FinTap wallet can now be recovered at any time.