Restoring access to a Channels wallet from backup

Channels is a chat-wallet app that provides you with an EON ID that can be used to send and receive tokens, as well as to chat. Backing up the wallet is strongly recommended, as there is no way to restore it without a backup. To restore a Channels wallet from an existing instance of backup, follow the below how-to.

Step-by-step guide

1.Go to App Store for an iOS app, or to Google Play market for an Android app.

2. Install Channels;

3. Launch Channels. Press Enter near the message 'I already have an account'.

4. Select your preferable recovery method (either 'Scan QR code' or 'Enter code').

5. If you press 'Scan QR code', a camera of your phone will open and be ready to scan the QR code saved beforehand (see Backing up a secret key). Scan this QR code. Now you need to enter your PIN code which you should remember at the backing up stage.

6. Otherwise, if you press 'Enter code', you will need to enter a full list of combinations of digits and letters manually. This information also should be kept in a safe place. And again, enter your backup PIN as in step 5.

7. After successful entering your PIN code, you will have to tie again your phone number with the Channels app. Please follow steps 6-12 from the Installing Channels app article.

8. Channels app will now suggest you to start a chat.


You have successfully restored access to your Channels wallet.