Signing up, activating associated wallets, exploring the interface

FinTap app is a secure multi-functional wallet with an integrated chat, that allows users to deposit, store and send their assets, both crypto and fiat. The app is an element of Exscudo ecosystem powered by EON blockchain technology.

This article describes the elements of FinTap app interface, as well as the process of enabling wallets for supported assets and currencies.

Signing up and logging into FinTap app

Upon your first login to a freshly installed version of FinTap, you are prompted to create a new account. If you have re-installed the app (e.g. after purchasing a new device), you can recover the account.

1. Select the language on the Welcome page

2. To create an account tap the Create new account button;

3. To recover an account, tap 'I already have an account';

4. The app asks you to enter a phone number required to complete the process;

5. As soon as you do, a short message containing a verification code is sent. Enter the code to proceed;

6. The app then asks you for access to contacts. By allowing it, you will be able to start chatting with your friends and colleagues straight away;

7. Lastly, the app prompts you to enter a name to be displayed to your FinTap contacts.

8. You will then see the previously entered name nd the avatar picture (if you have added one).

Once your account is created, to log into the app you can use Touch ID or Face ID (if supported by your device). Otherwise, you need to create and enter a PIN code. To create a PIN code, tap the Wallets button upon loading the app for the first time.

It is extremely important to follow up on security procedures involved in registering a FinTap wallet and maintaining its security, as well as ensuring security of the device from which it is accessed. A failure may result in loss of access to the account, or the loss of associated assets.

Background process

While the procedure above takes place, the app proceeds to register the following entities in the Exscudo ecosystem:

  • An EON ID associated with the FinTap account;
  • Wallets for each of the supported asset type associated with the EON ID (e.g., a Bitcoin wallet).This allows for the operations with the colored coins - a means by which the transactions in various assets can be seamlessly carried out both within and outside of the Exscudo ecosystem.