ICO withdrawal statuses

All participants of ICO and/or Bounty programs are eligible to withdraw EONs acquired during these programs to EON wallets of choice. Token holders can find their ICO/Bounty tokens in an isolated section of my.exscudo.com (meaning the tokens are there, but not deposited for trading). Tokens can be withdrawn according to this manual Withdrawing EON tokens acquired during ICO- or bounty-programs

Prior to withdrawing tokens, a token holder must pass KYC procedure.

There are different statuses assigned to an operation of withdrawal during the process, related to various stages or results. Below is a guide to the statuses.


Here is the page where transactions and related statuses are displayed (Preferences → TOKENS tab):





An initiated request that Exscudo Exchange has sent a confirmation e-mail message for

Use the link in the confirmation e-mail message to approve the transaction


The request has been confirmed by the requestor via clicking the link in the confirmation e-mail message

Here is an example of the confirmation e-mail message:


The request has been accepted and the withdraw has been initiated Exscudo Exchange

The system initiated the transaction and marked it with a Transaction ID


Transaction successful

The transaction is in blockchain and confirmed (while the assets are actually delivered to a recipient wallet a bit later: several blocks must be created and some time has to pass; both requirements must be met for confirmation).


The withdrawal has been rejected, with the reason indicated in a pop-up message

If you see this status, please contact Exscudo support team at help.exscudo.com using the widget at the lower right corner of the page or via email [email protected]