Exscudo Exchange password recovery

In the event when you have forgotten or misplaced the password for your Exscudo account, you can recover it by performing two simple steps.

Step 1

Navigate to https://my.exscudo.com and click on the Forgot password? link located right above the password field.

Once done, a page prompting you to enter the e-mail address used to sign up to your Exscudo account will appear on the screen.

Enter the e-mail address in the field and click RESET button to for a recovery e-mail message to be sent.

Once your press Reset button you will get the following notification:

Step 2

Check your associated mailbox for the message containing the password reset link.

Click Set a new password to navigate to the page where a new password may be entered.

Once you have entered a new password and confirmed it, click RESET.

You will get a notification:


Your password has now been reset.