Installing FinTap app

FinTap is a chat-wallet app that is a part of Exscudo ecosystem. When installed, the app provides you with an EON ID that can be used to send and receive tokens, as well as to chat. To install the app, follow the steps below.

Step-by-step guide

1.Go to App Store for an iOS app, or to Google Play market for an Android app.

2. Install FinTap .

3. Launch FinTap . Create a new protected account or press 'I already have account' if you have account Channels or FinTap

4. Create a PIN code and confirm it. The PIN is used to encrypt your data, creating and restoring your account from backup.

5. When finished, you will see a notification about registering in the chat.

6. Choose a country and enter a phone number to proceed. Enter a code sent by SMS (see the next step) to your phone number entered in the previous step.

7. Next, you will see a notification about registering in EON blockchain.

8. Then, the application asks your permission in using contacts list of your phone. Press 'Allow' if you want to use your contacts in the FinTap app, or 'Not now' if you do not want.

9. Enter a Nickname (for example, Exscudo in the below screenshot)

10. FinTap app will now suggest you to start a chat.


You have successfully installed and configured the FinTap app.