Withdrawing EON tokens acquired during ICO- or bounty-programs

All participants of ICO and/or Bounty programs are eligible to withdraw EONs acquired during these programs to EON wallets of choice. Below is the step-by-step guide to the procedure.


There are several Exscudo sites serving various purposes:

1. ICO cabinet used to accrue EON tokens gained during ICO and Bounty programs

2. Exscudo test exchange

  • Where Exscudo users can test the functional capabilities of the Exchange;
  • There are no real tokens in balance sheets;
  • The dedicated site is located at https://test.exscudo.com.
    Cannot be used to withdraw EON tokens

3. Exscudo Exchange

  • Where Exscudo users can actually trade real assets;
  • Operates with real assets, so every action taken has consequence and is not reversible

The dedicated site is located at https://my.exscudo.com .

The right place to withdraw EONs from. Please follow these steps:

1. Make sure you are withdrawing from the right place, signing in to Exscudo Exchange at https://my.exscudo.com ;

2. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the page;

3. Switch to TOKENS tab to proceed to the isolated tokens repository (the tokens are there, but are only available for a withdrawal, not for the trading);

4. Now that you made sure you have your tokens safely deposited, it is time to progress through KYC prior to withdrawing them. See KYC Account Verification procedure for the how-to;

5. Once the KYC is completed, you can withdraw EONs to a wallet based on EON ID by clicking the WITHDRAW button available in TOKENS tab.

6. Switch to Transaction History tab to check if the withdrawal is approved;

If your withdrawal is rejected just like on the below screenshot, please contact Exscudo support team at https://help.exscodo.com or via an e-mail request sent to [email protected]

7. Wait a while for your tokens to arrive.


You have successfully withdrawn your ICO/Bounty tokens.