Why 'Exscudo'

Omen est nomen. The saying is true in many aspects, including when relayed on the world of business and its aspects such as marketing and branding. Today, naming is one of the most well-paid specializations of branding.

This article is explaining the meaning of the term we have chosen to present the financial ecosystem we have created: its origins and how it is realized in various elements of the ecosystem, coming together as a unique and innovative technology platform for various target audiences.


  • Pronounced ‘Ex-Scudo';
  • Composed of three parts representing key integral elements and features of the ecosystem
  • The outcome contains a reference to a valuable asset of the past.

'Ex' for exchange

Exscudo is the next-gen financial ecosystem, and Exscudo Exchange exchange is a key product that unites the crypto- with the traditional finance market, designed in a way both functional and accommodating for professionals and beginners. The basics of trading on Exscudo Exchange are described in this article.

Generally, crypto exchanges are divided into two types:

  • Centralized;
  • Decentralized.

Centralized exchanges have their benefits, in ease and speed of:

  • Use;
  • Access to advanced features, tools and liquidity;
  • Trading.

At the same time, some of the users may be put off by limitations that can be viewed as disadvantages, such as:

  • Lack of anonymity;
  • The need to give the control over assets to the exchange;
  • The vulnerability of the exchange to attacks resulting in a possible denial of service;
  • The vulnerability of the exchange to attacks resulting in user assets seized by an attacker.

Decentralized exchanges allow for user anonymity, have no central server or a database for hackers to attack, while providing users with total control over their funds (that is, never alienating any part of the control, like centralized exchanges do). However, they tend to be more difficult to use and are a challenge to beginners, have a lesser variety of functions when compared to centralized exchanges, and put the whole responsibility in terms of security on the users themselves.

On its part, Exscudo offers best of both worlds, offering the speed of a centralized exchange combined with the security of a decentralized one. The technical realization provides:

  • High security;
  • Speedy trading;
  • Access to advanced tools;
  • A full measure of control over one's funds.

‘Scudo’ for security

Meaning ‘shield’ in Italian. Security has been our development team’s number one priority since the first line of code was written. Our main goal is to make our financial ecosystem and its elements a totally independent tool allowing users of Exscudo products and services to make any kind of operations and transactions while constantly remaining safe with their assets guarded by a sturdy layer of backgound protective tools that are not intrusive, obstructive, or in any other way compicating the operations.

The key security features are reached by employing top-notch encryption protocols and a two-factor authentication (2FA) system for personal data and asset protection.

Escudo for assets and a reference

Escudo was a type of Portuguese currency that used to be the most valued coin during the Golden Age. The golden escudo was a symbol of Portuguese and Spanish Empires’ wealth and eminence. In Exscudo ecosystem, based on the transport protocol of EON blockchain, there is a tokenof the same name. EON token serves the 'gold' of the ecosystem that is liquid enough to represent any asset on top of EON blockchain in the frame work of colored coins technology stack.

Combinations and synergies

Exscudo ecosystem is definitely a sum of some, and all of the elements creating the term, in various combinations. But it is also much more than that, in a synergetic way.

Ex + Escudo

That is, an exchange + tradeable assets, referring to a typical liquidity center. Which Exscudo Exchange definitely is.

Ex + Scudo

That is, an exchange + security, typically referring to a protected trading platform. In Exscudo ecosystem, the platform is represented by trading clients and terminals for any popular platform, web, desktop, or mobile. All integrated and interchangeable to satisfy the most demanding needs of both beginners and professional traders alike, and secure at the same time.

Escudo + Scudo

That is, security for one's assets, typically referring to a secure storage, the most common example of which can be a bank. One of the key products of Exscudo ecosystem is Wallet - the protected blockchain EON ID allowing to store assets securely .


Not only are Exscudo products and services easy-to-use, multi-platform and secure realizations of feature stacks of the exchange, tradeable assets and security algorithms, but also the elements of the ecosystem that can only be derived from the above combinations synergetically.

The below diagram depicts the structure of Exscudo ecosystem to illustrate: