The structure of Exscudo ecosystem

Exscudo ecosystem consists of a number of products and services in one way or another united by its transport - EON, the proprietary blockchain technology. Some of the products and services are connected to the blockchain directly, while some are not. All of them are interconnected in one way or another. This article describes the structure in detail.

This article may describe products and services yet to be implemented


The structure of the ecosystem is 3-tier, as presented in the diagram below:

Tier 1

EON blockchain. Serves the transport for blockchain-enabled Tier 2 products: Wallet, Colored coins, and Gateway.

  • The connection to Wallet: in EON blockchain, there are IDs used to store tokens of the same name. These IDs are EON wallets;
  • Colored coins represent assets on top of blockchain technology, thus directly connected to EON blockchain. This Tier 2 product is elaborated in various Tier 3 services: Fintap, Bank cards, etc.;
  • The Gateway is the medium realization of how blockchain is connected to some of the Tier 3 services. Technically, this connection is established via the collaboration of Tier 2 Gateway and Colored coins products.

The other Tier 2 products: Exchange and Chat are not connected to EON blockchain directly. However, they do utilize the blockchain features indirectly, in the framework of complex scenarios based on how the products and services are interconnected.


A trader signs up to Exscudo Exchange (a Tier 3 service, a realization of Tier 2 Exchange product). The created account is connected to various wallets, including Wallet, the Tier 2 product, which in its turn, is directly connected to EON blockchain. The user can trade, depositing EONs to and withdrawing them from the EON wallet. The transactions are processed in the blockchain.

Tier 2

The products of this group build the backbone of the end services of Tier 3 group. Some of the products (Wallet, Gateway, Colored coins) are directly connected to Tier 1 (EON Blockchain), others (Exchange, Chat) - are not. There are the following Tier 2 products of Exscudo ecosystem:

  1. Exchange.
  2. Chat.
  3. Colored coins.
  4. Wallet.
  5. Gateway.
Tier 2: Products


A stack of technologies that builds a digital finance marketplace for beginners, professional traders, financial institutions and institutional investors. Not connected to EON blockchain directly. The Tier 3 services based on it are user-friendly, fully functional, and accessible from any device. The Exchange is also the main element of Trading platform (see Platforms section of the article).


A product delivered in Fintap service - a Tier 3 service combining the features of a chat and a crypto-wallet. Not connected to EON blockchain directly.

Colored coins

A product allowing to represent any assets directly presented in Tier 3 services of Fintap, and Bank cards. Indirect connections include the Tier 3 services of Merchant services, Payment gateways, and Web/desktop/mobile clients and terminals. See this article for more details.


In short, a product representing EON IDs used to store EON tokens. Utilized by Fintap, Bank cards, various Tier 3 clients and terminals of the Tier 2 Exchange product.


Gateway is used as a tunnel between Colored coins and different Merchant services of Tier 3. It provides compatibility of protocols and transfers data in both directions. All transactions with colored coins go through it. A particular case of which are the Tier 3 services of Merchant services and Payment gateways.

Thus, Tier 2 consists of five products of Exscudo ecosystem. Three of them are residing on top of Tier 1 EON Blockchain transport, while two of them are not connected directly. At the same time, all the products build up the foundation of Tier 3 services.

Tier 3

Represented by a number of services based on Tier 2 products:

  1. Web/desktop/mobile clients and terminals.
  2. API/Websocket.
  3. Charts, graphs, listings, reports and analytics.
  4. Fintap.
  5. Bank cards.
  6. Payment gateways.
  7. Merchant services.
Tier 3: Services

Web / desktop / mobile clients and terminals

These are the services that Exscudo users work with directly. They provide access to every feature of Tier 2 Exchange product from any device through corresponding clients and terminals. Bidirectionally, they are connected to their peer services of API/Websocket.

API / WebSocket

These Tier 3 services allow third-party developers to build apps selectively utilizing related features or receiving output for requests sent.

Charts, graphs, listings, reports, and analytics

These services provide a graphical depiction of various trade data and rates. For end users, Charts appear to be a tool of the Exchange. Which is not how Charts are realized technically. On the contrary, it is a peer sub-element of the Trading platform (see below), elaborated to the following services:

  • Reports and analysis Open orders, My order history, My trade history, and Trade history, and other (already in place or yet to be implemented), are available on the home screen of Exscudo Exchange allowing to analyze interdependencies and trade meaningfully;
  • Graphics and listings Online-listings, interactive graphs and technical indicators, trading signals and other features of a powerful trading system allowing traders to opt for complicated strategies.

In turn, these Tier 3 services are connected to both Web / desktop / mobile clients and terminals and API / WebSocket services. The connection builds the Trading platform (see below).


A mobile application combining functions of a personal wallet and a messenger, designed to become an easy-to-create and to use the access point to user accounts and Exscudo services. The combination allows users to send assets directly in chats. The app is based on Tier 2 Colored coins and Wallet products, that in their turn have a direct connection to EON Blockchain. The Chat product provides the technology essential for the messenger features stack of the app. Additionally, Fintap can be used to trade assets deposited to its associated wallet (EON ID) directly on Exchange via the corresponding Tier 3 services of clients and terminals. The app is connected to the peer Tier 3 service of Bank cards.

Bank cards

This TIer 3 service provides a connection to user accounts featuring the option to exchange assets in real time. The assets are exchanged for the price of the Exscudo Exchange at the moment of purchase. The cards are accepted all over the world for online purchases and in brick-and-mortar stores with minimum commissions. Technically, Bank cards service is based on Tier 2 Wallet and Colored coins products, and therefore is directly connected to EON blockchain. Indirect connections include TIer 2 Gateway product, Tier 3 Merchant services and Payment gateways services.

Payment gateways

The service based on Tier 2 Gateway and Colored coins products, that is designed to transfer information about a transaction between a payment page (such as a website, mobile phone or IVR service) and an acquiring bank. Combined with Tier 3 Merchant services, builds the Merchant platform (see below).

Merchant services

This service provide a set of tools that refer to financial services used by businesses. In short, it lets stores accept crypto via payments through a secure channel by using credit/debit cards or an NFC enabled device. The related services are:

  • Credit/debit cards payment processing;
  • Online transaction processing;
  • POS-terminals;
  • Gift cards and other loyalty programs.

Its source Tier 2 products are the same as these of Payment gateways.

Thus, Tier 3 services are the user entry points to Exscudo ecosystem. Various combinations of the services build up the Platforms.


In addition to Tiers 1 to 3, two bigger platforms can be separated from Products and Services. These platforms are the Trading Platform and the Merchant Platform.

Trading Platform

This platform consists of three elements (Exchange, Terminals, Charts) described above and that have their realization in the products and services of the following groups:

  • Trading instruments (like web, desktop and mobile terminals, API/Websocket);
  • Analytical tools (like charts, reports and analysis, graphics and listings).

Merchant platform

This platform also unites three elements (Gateway, Merchant services, and Payment gateways). All in here refers to business tools for making payments.