Personal information: name, country of residence, and address verification

This article is a part of series of dedicated articles, and provides a detailed insight on verification of personal data, such as name and address for both Exscudo Exchange and Channels app accounts.


This verification implies entering your contact information:

  • Residence address, including country, state (if any), street address;
  • Full name;
  • E-mail address.

Name and address are provided declaratively and are not actually verified at this stage. Nonetheless, make sure the name you add match this in your government issued personal ID (see Identity verification). Otherwise, it may not be possible to complete respective KYC verification.

Entering non matching information may also result in preventing your account from being recovered, should access to it be lost.

Exscudo Exchange

To complete this KYC verification for your Exscudo Exchange account, fill the corresponding fields in Preferences (accessible via the gear icon in the upper right corner) → Verification section.

Here, you are prompted to:

  • Enter your full name;
  • enter your residential address;
  • Choose your country of residence from the drop down list.

If you your country of residence is not on the list, contact Exscudo Support Team.

Channels app

To complete this KYC verification, one needs to fill in personal information.

Just like any other KYC verification, this one is to be completed in its corresponding section of the interface accessible by tapping the gear icon in the lower right corner of the screen to be redirected to Settings section, and then - to Personal data section.

You can always check the status of KYC verifications, be redirected to respective KYC interfaces for further verification steps, and find otehr useful links in this section.

Head to Contact Information section to fill in your residential address.

Then, head to Email section to verify your e-mail address.

Awaiting confirmation status indicates that the verification e-mail message from [email protected] has been sent to your mailbox.

In the e-mail message, tap Verify button to complete verification.

Then check the verification status.