Connecting to EON Blockchain Testnet (Linux)

To connect to EON Blockchain Testnet, you need to create a unique EON account (also called EON ID). This article contains a stepwise description of the process.


  1. Download the EON client from eon.cli.linux.amd64-85;
  2. Launch the Terminal app (e.g., with Ctrl+Alt+T keyboard shortcut);

3. Enter the cd /home/<path></path> command to enter the directory the package from step 1 was downloaded to;

4. Unpack the archive to the same directory entering the tar -xvf eon.cli.linux.amd64-85.tgz command;

5. Execute ./eon seed command to generate a key pair and an identifier;

6. You are now ready to verify your EON account. To do so, follow the link: and register in the system, using the data generated on the previous step;

7. Click SIGN UP to have a verification message sent to the e-mail address provided on the previous step;

8. A browser tab with the verification code prompt will show up.

You can find the code at the end of the activation link received in the message mentioned above.

To proceed with the registration you may either:

  • Click the ACTIVATE button in the message, or
  • Copy the link by right-clicking ACTIVATE button and selecting the COPY LINK ADDRESS from the drop-down menu, and pasting it in the address tab of your browser to see the code and enter it manually,

9. Wait a couple of minutes for the reqistration to complete;

10. It is complete when you see the Your account is registered! message;

11. Now open the unpacked file Config.json and insert Seed generated on step 6. Once done, save changes.


You are now ready to use your newly registered EON ID on the testnet.