Desktop client reported as a virus/malware

Connecting to EON blockchain (both mainnet and testnet) requires downloading a package that contains a desktop client depending on the OS used:

Some anti-virus/anti-malware solutions may report these packages as viruses/malware despite the fact that all of them are trustworthy and malware free. Such false positives from the security software may disturb the whole process of installing the EON client. It may seem risky and make the user cancel the installation altogether to investigate the issue more thoroughly.

This guide provides explanations necessary to handle the issue and successfully connect to EON blockchain.


EON clients are written in Go (Golang), while virus-scanning software often considers Go distribution or compiled binaries infected, especially on Windows machines, however, it is almost always a false positive. Commercial virus scanning programs are often confused by the structure of Go binaries, which are not as common as those compiled from other languages.

Additionally, some anti-virus/anti-malware solutions may tend to generate a lot of false positive reports to attract customers' attention, and promote themselves.


It is recommended to add a package to Trusted zone (Exclusions) (or a similar list, depending on what your anti-virus/anti-malware solution is). For example, below is the screenshot from VirusTotal with a file marked as a trusted source.