Connecting to EON Blockchain Mainnet (Linux)

progress through.


  1. Download EON client from eon.cli.linux.amd64-85;
  2. Launch Terminal (e.g., with Ctrl+Alt+T keyboard shortcut);

3. Use cd /home/<path></path> command to enter the directory the package from step 2 was downloaded to;

4. Unpack the archive to the same directory using the tar -xvf eon.cli.linux.amd64-85.tgz command;

5. Execute ./eon seed command to generate a key pair and an identifier;

6. You are now ready to to verify your EON account. Go to and register using the data generated on previous step (Account ID and Public key);

7. Click SIGN UP to have verification SMS code sent to the phone number you provided on previous step. Enter the code into the field below;

8. Wait a couple of minutes for the registration to complete;

9. It is complete when you see the Your account is registered! message;

10. Now open the unpacked file Config.json and insert Seed generated on step 6. Once done, save changes.


You are now ready to use your newly registered EON ID on the mainnet.