Bug Bounty Program Terms and Conditions (the “BBP T&C”)

1. Overview

Exscudo is deeply committed to our community members and their collaborative spirit that has always been helping us make our products and services better.

Recognizing this important role, we have developed this Bug Bounty Program (further on referred to as “Program”) that enables Eligible Users to report bugs discovered when using Exscudo products and services for a chance to earn reward in form and amount determined by Exscudo at its sole and absolute discretion.

These BBP T&C shall be an integral part of Exscudo’s Framework Agreement Terms and Conditions for Provision of Exscudo Services (the “Framework T&C”) available at https://exscudo.com/docs/tc.pdf, as amended from time to time. In case of contradictions provisions of the Framework T&C shall control.

These BBP T&C are subject to change without notice.

By taking part in this Program you shall be deemed to have unconditionally agreed to and accepted the BBP T&C and the Framework T&C.

There are no restrictions on the number of qualified bug reports you can provide and potentially be rewarded for.

2. Program modes

This Program can be effective in the following modes:

  1. Permanent mode, and
  2. Beta mode.

Permanent mode

This mode applies to all Exscudo products and services in production environments on an ongoing basis.

Beta mode

This mode applies to specified Exscudo products and services in test environments, if publically announced. This mode is established temporarily when a beta version of a product or a service is released. With the reference to respective public announcements, this mode is typically effective for some of the products and services in test environment, while the Program for these not listed in an announcement applies in Permanent mode to products and services in production environment.

In any effective mode, this Program can be paused or canceled with a public announcement.

3. Eligible participants

To participate in this Program, you must meet all of the following criteria:

4. Reporting bugs

If you meet the above eligibility criteria and believe you have identified a bug to be reported in the frame work of this Program, you may report it to Exscudo in accordance with the following process:

1. Contact Exscudo Support Team via any of the following channels:

Exscudo Support Team Account


2. Report the bug you have identified providing as much details as possible, including

  • Product/service in question, including version/build number, and URL (if applicable);
  • Hard- and software environment details, including models and OS versions of devices used to run/access products/services in question, updates and service pack installed on them, and network connection type;
  • Any special configuration required to reproduce the bug;
  • A stepwise description of the reproduction process, including screenshots and videos;
  • Your Channels account to sign up to this Program and receive earned rewards.

3. Wait until Exscudo Support Team members review your report and validate its eligibility

The review time will vary depending on the complexity and completeness of your report. You may be asked to provide additional details in the process.

4. When Exscudo Support Team finish reviewing your report, they will confirm reported bug to be either

  • Eligible for the Program, with effective Program Mode assigned; or
  • Known, thus rejecting your participation in the Program.

5. Eligible reports

For the bounty rewards to be payed off timely, eligible bug reports are to be registered in Exscudo Help Center. It is therefore recommended to submit your bug reports via E-mail or Exscudo Help Center as reports submitted via these channels are registered automatically.

For reports submitted via Discord or Channels app, Exscudo Support Team members will:

  • Ask for your confirmation of the e-mail address to be associated with you in the frame work of this Program;
  • Create an Exscudo Help Center request on your behalf, thus registering your report; or
  • If you have no Exscudo Help Center account, they will sign you up to the service, and then – create the request.

Further communication is going to be carried either via the web interface of Exscudo Help Center, or via e-mail replies to automatic messages sent by Exscudo Help Center.

6. Rewards

For the purpose of this Program, bug rewards are calculated based on fix priority levels.

Fix priority levels are based on severity levels of impact of reported bug on user processes. The impact level in turn is assigned depending on whether there is a workaround for a bug.

The below table outlines available severity and priority levels with their definitions and examples.

Bugs reported by participants are intended to be payed off according to the table below.

Reward, [EON]
LowMinimal or no impactNo workaround requiredCosmetic issues with UI (typos, missing links)500
MediumMinor impact that in certain scenarios can mislead users or affect their behaviorA workaround exists (may not be required)Incorrect figures (prices, rates, amounts)


HighHigh impact. Product or service malfunction prevents users from utilizing feature/functionality stack to a full extentA workaround exists (may not resolve an issue/a problem to a full extent)Placing orders is possible one way, not possible the other way1,500
CriticalSevere impact. Malfunction of the core feature/functionality stack of a product/serviceThere is no known workaroundExcessive exchange commissions billed3,000

Once a report is confirmed to be eligible for this Program, Exscudo transfers the reward calculated based on the above table to the Channels app account of the Program participant, in 7 business days.