Terms and Conditions

1. Overview

Exscudo is deeply committed to our community members and their collaborative spirit that has always been helping us make our products and services better.

Recognizing this important role, we have developed this Bug Bounty Program (BBP) that enables Eligible Users to report bugs discovered when using Fintap for a chance to earn a reward in form and amount determined by Exscudo at its sole and absolute discretion.

These BBP Terms and Conditions (T&C) shall be an integral part of Exscudo’s Framework Agreement Terms and Conditions for Provision of Exscudo Services (the “Framework T&C”) available at https://exscudo.com/docs/tc.pdf, as amended from time to time. In case of contradictions, provisions of the Framework T&C shall control.

These BBP T&C are subject to change without notice.

By taking part in Bug Bounty Program, you shall be deemed to have unconditionally agreed to and accepted the BBP T&C and the Framework T&C.

There are no restrictions on the number of qualified bug reports you can provide and potentially be rewarded for.

2. Eligible participants

To participate in this Program, you must be registered as Eligible User with Fintap as defined under Framework T&C;

3. Reporting bugs

If you meet the above eligibility criteria and believe you have identified a bug to be reported in the framework of this Program, you may report it to Exscudo in accordance with the following process:

1. Contact Exscudo Support Team via any of the following channels:

2. Report the bug you have identified, providing as many details as possible, including:

  • Hard- and software environment details, including models and OS versions of devices used to run/access products/services in question, updates and service pack installed on them, and network connection type;
  • Any special configuration required to reproduce the bug;
  • A stepwise description of the reproduction process, including screenshots and videos;
  • Your Fintap account to sign up to Bug Bounty Program and receive the rewards.

3. Wait until Exscudo Support Team members review your report and validate its eligibility

The review time will vary depending on the complexity and completeness of your report. You may be asked to provide additional details in the process.

4. When Exscudo Support Team finishes reviewing your report, they will confirm the reported bug to be either

  • Eligible for the Program, with effective Program Mode assigned; or
  • Known, thus rejecting your participation in the Program.

4. Rewards

Each confirmed bug is awarded 25 USDT.

Fintap user that finds the most Bugs within a month will get 100 USDT reward.

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