Backing Up

The only way for a user to access their tokens is the Fintap app. It is highly recommended to back up the secret key that will allow access to the wallet in case it is lost, or the app is reinstalled. You can create the backup by following these steps:

  1. In Fintap, go to Settings → Account backup. Enter your PIN code to proceed.

  2. You will see the Save your backup window. You can generate a QR-code or a Secret Key
    • QR-code:
      • Press Send to email you the QR-code or send it to one of the messengers;
      • Press Download to download the QR-code to your device;
      • Tap Print to print the QR-code.

    • Secret key
      • Press Send to send your secret key to one of the messengers or email it to you.
      • The Copy button will copy the secret key to the clipboard, you can then paste it to a file on your device.
      • Tap Print to print out the keys.

  3. Let's check your backup window will appear next. You will have to either enter your secret key, scan the QR-code or upload it as a file to complete this step.

  4. If everything is done correctly, you will receive a notification.

Now, your access to the wallet can be recovered at any time.