Money Deposits

This article will explain how to deposit money to your Fintap wallet using a bank card with fiat money, and how to get your wallet's credentials to receive crypto from an external source.

Depositing fiat money using a credit card

  1. On the main screen in the app, press Receive.

  2. Tap Fiat.

  3. Choose the currency you want to deposit to your wallet. We will go with Euro.

  4. Type in the amount.

  5. Choose EUR (Visa, Mastercard) and enter your PIN code.

  6. You'll see the confirmation page with the transaction info. If everything looks fine, press Receive. If you'd like to cancel the transaction or change something, press the cross in the top left corner of the page.

  7. You'll be transferred to the payment page, where you have to choose the type of your card (debit, credit) and the payment system (Visa, Mastercard). Tap the corresponding icon.

  8. Fill in all the fields and tap Pay Securely. You'll be redirected to your bank's confirmation page to finish the transaction.

In some cases, an additional security check will be performed when the fiat money is involved.

Getting your wallet's credentials

In order to receive a crypto transfer from an external source, you have to know the wallet's credentials. Every wallet has its unique address and is locked to a specific currency. In this article, we'll use Bitcoin as an example.

If you want to receive crypto from a Fintap user, you should share your EON ID, which can be found at the top of the app main screen. The assets will be automatically deposited to the wallet for the according currency.

  1. Press Receive at the main screen in the app.

  2. Tap Crypto.

  3. Choose a currency.

  4. You can see the wallet's address and share it as an actual address or as a QR-code. This address can be used to transfer crypto from an external source to Fintap.

Wallets' addresses are permanent and are tied to a particular Fintap account. You can use it to transfer crypto from external systems yourself, or receive transactions from other people. All of your active wallets' addresses are stored in the Wallets tab. Just tap on the wallet's name → Receive to see its address.